We make high-capacity production in our Istanbul-based production facility. We manufacture in a wide range from simple lighting production to complex lighting solutions that require engineering.

Bespoke Design

Can't find your dream object or lighting? Let's produce for you! With the advantage of being a manufacturer company, an important feature of ours is its special production capability, and we make special production for the person, place and project. You can get a quote for your products by contacting us.


Sometimes you just
need to choose

Sometimes you just need to choose a minimalist chandelier in order to transform the spirit of your living space: we are all aware of that, as well as we also know that, by employing a certain kind of lighting system, we can really define the ambiance of any room. Regardless of the overall furnishing style, the kind of light we eventually choose – suffused, soft, or direct – may actually influence the way we will live and inhabit a space. It is up to us, then, to make an informed choice, and in so doing we can create the best atmosphere to underline an interior detail, highlight the textures of different materials, or, even, slightly changing the shades of the overall color palette in a room. The use we will make of a given space, too, might influence our final decision. Dining areas often require a homogeneous light suspended above the dining table, while relaxation areas, TV niches, and living rooms look best under suffused, deftly modulated lights creating charming chiaroscuro effects that tend to amplify a given mood. Conversely, a two-phase lighting might prove to be the ideal choice for the sleeping quarters, which require different lights at different moments – from the morning routine to the more relaxed evening hours.